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About LKE - Dynamic Power Technologies, s.r.o.

LKE - Dynamic Power Technologies, s.r.o. (LKE-DPT) merges the complementary strengths of two mechanical industry companies L. K. Engineering, s.r.o. and Dynamic Power Technologies, LLC. In the company, L. K. Engineering, s.r.o has a 50% stake and Integrated Consultants & Engineers, Inc., which is co-founder of Dynamic Power Technologies, LLC. 50%. LKE - Dynamic Power Technologies, s.r.o. is company with combined workforce more than 250 highly skilled individuals.

LKE - Dynamic Power Technologies, s.r.o. brings together the capabilities of many professionals needed to fill this void in engineering design and project development. Since utilities no longer maintain extensive in-house engineering staffs, LKE - Dynamic Power Technologies, s.r.o. provides specialists in inter-related disciplines to collectively respond to the needs of our customers.

With such diversity now existing in power costs, LKE - Dynamic Power Technologies, s.r.o. assists clients in taking advantage of variations of these costs. We provide the means to help leverage the differences in power prices to benefit our customers through enhancements in power output or by shifting peak power consumption to off-peak times.

Looking ahead and anticipating future power projections, the supply of available power could outstrip demand, or be available only at unreasonable prices. Power consumers could be faced with unreliable power sources. Critical power needs must have the assurance of stand-by, on-site power generation.

LKE - Dynamic Power Technologies, s.r.o. is a customer-oriented organization developed by experienced Power/Utility professionals. It is designed to anticipate and react accordingly to changes in the deregulated electricity market. Combination of experience from USA and Central Europe market can guarantee you personalized service, attention to detail, and the shortest turnaround time, worldwide.